A Turnkey Bookmaker Website Starting
From $10,000

by developers with experience at the Central Bank of Russia and KDV-group

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High website conversion to registration - up to 25%

We have already launched 4 projects for Russia, Ukraine, and Turkmenistan

Free and indefinite maintenance!

Who are our clients?

Anyone who wants to build a successful online business in betting, games, and casinos to earn without limits.

Novices in the Bookmaker Business

With us, you can order a turnkey website development. We will set it up and prepare it for operation, connect providers, payment systems, and provide maintenance and consultations at every stage.

Business Owners with Experience in This Field

If you already have your own bookmaker website, we can integrate new games, our betting line (API), and add other enhancements for you. We will apply all our experience and knowledge to help you earn even more!

Would you like to assess the performance of the website we created?

Contact us on messenger, and we will provide you with a link to the website with a login and password so you can see how the website functions from the user's perspective, from the inside.

How much can you earn in the bookmaker business?

Website performance indicators* for our client in September 2023: 5 months after launch

  • $20 500

    Client's investment in the website, excluding advertising

  • $233 591

    Deposits made by players in September

  • $65 410

    Total profit for 1 month

  • $55 290

    Profit after deducting provider commissions and operator salaries

For legal reasons, we don't disclose the company name and don't provide a link to our client's website.

Important note! Not all bookmaker websites yield the same results,

as much depends on the effectiveness of configured advertising. However, even with moderate quality and traffic volume, bookmakers' profits average 25–40% annually (!)

Order a website development

What will your own bookmaker website bring you?

  • Quick Return on Investment

    As practice shows, investments in the betting and gambling industry typically pay off within 2–3 months to 4 years on average.

  • Broad "Geography"

    We can translate the bookmaker website into the required language and launch it to operate in any country worldwide and target any audience.

  • High Profitability

    With proper business management, a bookmaker website can generate profits of up to 40% annually and even more.

  • Guaranteed Security

    During the creation and maintenance of the website, we don't involve third-party developers. Only we have access to the code.

  • Maximum Free Time

    Your involvement in business processes is minimal – we will take care of website maintenance, while your operator will monitor your clients for fraudulent activities.

  • No Income Restrictions

    On average, one client loses between $100 and $300 per month. You can attract thousands of such clients to the site and earn millions in profits (!)

Order your bookmaker website now to secure the lowest price during the development of your project

The cost of the solution constantly rises due to inflation and the weekly addition of new features

Why do people turn to us?
Bookmaker Product LLC

  • Low Cost – Starting from $10,000

    Unlike companies developing websites starting from $100,000, our prices are much lower, while the quality of development and the level of service are equally high.

  • We Understand the Client's "Pain Points"

    Having worked with companies creating bookmaker software, we are familiar with all the challenges from within and know how to promptly solve or avoid them.

  • High-Level Developers

    We collaborate with experienced programmers who have worked at the Central Bank of Russia, "KDV-group," and other major companies.

  • Indefinite Maintenance

    After the sale, we will provide free support for the functionality of your website throughout its entire usage period.

  • Honesty with Clients

    Before purchase, we will openly share information about the pitfalls of running a bookmaker business, as well as all the nuances and expenses that await you.

  • Contractual Work

    We enter into an electronic contract with each client and can also arrange a personal meeting in any country.

  • Interest in Your Results

    After all, when your website starts generating profits, we will receive compensation from the commissions of your providers.

  • Deadline Assurance

    We never miss deadlines, but if we happen to delay your project, we will compensate you at a rate of 1% for each (!) day of delay.

If you order a bookmaker website from us, you will save up to €10,000

on connecting the betting line, and in the long run, you will save up to €5,500 monthly. For comparison:

Our Company's Terms Bookmaker Product LLC

  • Connection of the betting line, one-time payment: from $500 to $1200
  • Minimum monthly royalty: $500
  • Royalty if your profit exceeds €6,000: $500 + %

Competitor's Terms Betconstract

  • Connection of the betting line, one-time payment: €20,000
  • Minimum monthly royalty: €6,000
  • Royalty if your profit exceeds €6,000: €6,000 + %

Meanwhile, the quality and functionality of our betting line don't lag behind a similar solution from Betconstruct.

The cost of our services for the development

The cost of our services for the development of bookmaker websites is on average 3-5 times lower than that of competitors

Advantages of Our Websites

  • Conversion to Registration up to 25%

    This means that many of those who visit your website will register, deposit funds, and start playing, thereby increasing your profit.

  • Speed and Stability of Operation

    All our websites are hosted on Amazon AWS servers, similar to many other major companies, such as Yandex.

  • Account Security

    Thanks to a proven and modern payment system, user balances within the system are securely protected.

  • Continuous Improvement

    We regularly refine the structure and usability of our websites, conduct code refactoring, add new features, and incorporate the latest technologies.

  • Modern Design

    We collaborate with a TOP designer to ensure that our clients' websites look expensive, presentable, and instill trust in players.

  • Trouble-Free Usage

    Error tracking services (Sentry and others) enable our staff to promptly respond to and resolve issues encountered by users on the website.

What you get when you order a website development from us?

Get expert consultation

By acquiring a bookmaker website from us, you receive a copy of a ready and tested engine with all the functionality necessary to start your business – from user registration to fund withdrawal.

You can choose providers yourself: our betting line, Inbet slots, or Betgames casino.

However, the functionality will remain identical and can only be altered based on your preferences.

How we personalize your website?

  • We will place your company's logo.
  • We will add banners.
  • We will modify textual pages.
  • We will update contact information.
  • We will make other adjustments according to your preferences.

All our clients' projects have already paid off

At present, we have created and launched four bookmaker websites for Russia, Ukraine, and Turkmenistan, which are operating successfully and generating profits for our clients.

Statistics for the first 2 weeks of October

01.10.23 / 00:00 по 14.10.23 / 23:59 (RUB)

Statistics for the first 2 weeks of October

01.10.23 / 00:00 по 14.10.23 / 23:59 (RUB)

Statistics for the first 2 weeks of October

01.10.23 / 00:00 по 14.10.23 / 23:59 (RUB)

What will be included in the functionality of the bookmaker website?

From the user's perspective

Multilingual Website

We can add the required languages


Via email, Telegram, phone number, and social networks (in progress)


All mentioned methods, as well as via ID assigned after registration.

User Account

  • User balance;
  • Ability to create accounts in different currencies;
  • Funds transfer between users via ID;
  • Depositing funds through the payment system;
  • Withdrawal of funds in any currency;
  • Account details: deposits, withdrawals, bets, transfers;
  • User information, the ability to link social networks, and change contact details;
  • Change website color scheme in settings;
  • Change password in settings;
  • Cashback (accrual for sports and casino bets);
  • Sports betting history;


Multilingual Betting Line. Over 50 sports, 255 countries; championships, matches, outcomes, odds, live bets, live match statistics, bets on statistical data, esports bets, team logos, and player photos;

Match Results


Acceptance and Calculation of Bets

Ordinary and Express. The systems are available but currently disabled;

Search in the Betting Line



Ability to mark selected matches with a star (this feature is in progress);





From the administrator's perspective

User List

  • User ID, link to social network, contacts, full name, balance, registration date, last login date, role (ability to promote users to different levels), editing, and user IP;
  • Ability to activate a user if, for example, they did not receive a confirmation email;
  • Ability to block a user;
  • User editing: full name, password, contacts, user role;
  • Transition to the user's profile, displaying all movements on the user's account;
  • Filters for user search;
  • Crediting and debiting funds from the balance;
  • User card;

Transaction List

  • Transaction filters;
  • Transaction ID, user ID, transaction type, transaction amount, balance after the transaction, date, and time;


  • List of user bets with all details;
  • Filters for bets.

Withdrawal Requests

  • All necessary information regarding withdrawal requests;
  • Notification in the personal Telegram bot for each project
  • Ability to approve/reject withdrawal requests.

Withdrawal Methods

Management of methods, creation/editing/deletion of methods for each currency, and setting withdrawal limits;

Payment Systems

Management of payment methods, setting limits for minimum and maximum amounts, the ability to enable/disable deposit methods.


Statistical data on all financial transactions in the system: deposits, turnovers, profits, and more;


Website settings. Ability to display systematic messages on the main page about technical work. Ability to enable/disable website modules on the main page (providers). Verification settings via email and through the Telegram bot.

Affiliate Program



Three Levels of Access

Website owner, affiliate manager, and affiliate;


Affiliates can create projects to attract traffic. For example, a website and a Telegram channel. Unlimited tracking links can be created for each project to monitor the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Detailed statistics for each link

Clicks, registrations, deposits, first deposits, total bet amount, winnings, losses, profit. The same applies to casinos and slots. Ability to view a complete list of clients and detailed statistics for each or all of them together.

Affiliate Manager

  • Has a referral link to attract affiliates;
  • Can see all registered affiliates;
  • Displays statistics for each affiliate and all affiliates simultaneously.


  • Set the commission percentage for all affiliates;
  • Edit website settings;
  • Edit affiliate managers and affiliates;
  • Set individual percentages for each affiliate.
  • All affiliate managers and their turnovers;
  • The turnovers of affiliates.

When ordering the development of a bookmaker website, you will receive a ready-made design as a gift!

To see how your website will look before purchase, leave a request to contact our manager or write to us.

How we work?

  • Request or Message in Messenger

    Send us a message to the email [email protected] or write to WhatsApp, as indicated on the website header.

  • Demonstration of Example Website

    Our manager will provide you with a link, login, and password for you to see how the website works from the inside, from the user's perspective.

  • Contract Conclusion

    The contract is concluded electronically, but a personal meeting can be arranged before signing in an agreed location and any country.

  • Payment of 50%

    You make a payment of 50% by any convenient method – to the Georgian or Russian Federation bank account, card, electronic wallets, by cryptocurrency, or in cash.

  • Website Development for the Client

    We make individual changes to your website: we change text pages, logo, contacts, etc. The development period is typically one month.

  • Payment of the Remaining 50% and Access Transfer

    After payment, you receive access and the database of your website, making you its full-fledged owner.

  • Traffic Launch and Profit Generation

    Our clients can use any known and available methods to attract traffic to their website.

  • Free and Lifelong Maintenance

    We support the functionality of your website and constantly improve it, while receiving remuneration from the providers you connect.

About Us
Bookmaker Product LLC

In our team, we have experienced programmers who have worked at the Central Bank of Russia, "KDV Group," and other major companies. This explains the high level of competence and corresponding quality of our solutions for the bookmaking business. We look forward to cooperation!

About Us in Figures

  • Since 2015

    Our company has been operating

  • Since 2023

    We are registered in Georgia

  • > 10


  • 3


  • > 50

    Employees in the staff

  • 4 Websites

    Launched and Operational

  • > 100

    Payment methods

  • From $10,000

    Website cost

We work with licensed providers

Sports betting

Own development line


from Inbet provider

Live Casino

from Betgames.tv provider

We are interested in helping you earn!

Please leave a request to consult with our specialists and find out if the bookmaking business is suitable for you. We will discuss the terms and costs that we can offer specifically for you.

Questions and Answers

  • Will I have to pay for website maintenance?

    All service enhancements and new functionality we add to our clients' websites are absolutely free, except for connecting new providers and individual customizations.

  • How much money does an average client bring?

    Typically, even "modest" users lose an average of $100 - $300 per month, but individual players can leave $5000 - $10,000 on the website within a month.

  • Why do you care if my website works and generates profit for me?

    The thing is, we sell bookmaker website development services practically at cost. Our main earnings come from further website development, should you require any individual improvements or the integration of new features and providers. We also earn a percentage of the providers' profits, which they return to us as compensation. If your website launches but fails to attract clients, it would mean we worked almost "to zero." Therefore, we want your website to work, and we can earn together with you!

  • Are there any restrictions on the "geography" of the bookmaker website's operation?

    There are no restrictions. You can launch your business in any country you want, and we'll simply translate the texts into the required languages.

  • If new functionality emerges during development, will there be an additional charge?

    No, all changes to the service and functionality added during the development of your website will be provided to you absolutely free of charge. The presence of specific providers is agreed upon in advance.

  • What tools and technologies are used for website design and layout?

    The website and its engine were developed from scratch using the following development tools:

    Back-end – stack: FastAPI, PostgreSQL/SQLAlchemy, Asyncio, Pytest, Git, Docker;

    Front-end – stack: React, Redux, Typescript;

    Design – desktop and mobile versions of the website are created in Figma.

  • Why hire an operator for the website, and what functions will they perform?

    The main task of the operator is to check clients for fraudulent actions. If we collaborate, we will explain everything to you in detail and show real examples.

  • Can I order a website only for sports betting or only for a casino?

    Yes, of course. If you only need a casino, we can remove the bookmaker line and reduce the price for our work. Alternatively, we can leave the betting line, remove the casino, and reduce the cost accordingly.

  • How much does it cost to develop a turnkey bookmaker website?

    Currently, the cost of the website ranges from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on your specific requirements and preferences.

  • What if you exceed the website development deadlines?

    We always complete projects on time, provided no new input data is received from the client. However, if we do exceed the deadlines, we will reduce the project cost by 1% for each day of delay.

  • Can I see a ready-made working website that you have created in advance?

    Yes, of course. To do this, write to us by email or messenger, and we will demonstrate one of our websites, based on which your website will be developed.

  • What should I do if I don't have enough funds to launch a bookmaker website?

    Yes, of course. To do this, write to us by email or messenger, and we will demonstrate one of our websites, based on which your website will be developed.