Software for the bookmaking business at prices 50-70% below market

  • Integration of sports line API
  • Turnkey bookmaker website
  • Opening an offline betting shop
Bookmaker's office
Bookmaker's office

Why do people turn to us?

  • Prices are 2-3 times lower than competitors

    We offer bookmaking software at prices 50-70% lower than competitors, while the quality of our solutions is no less.

  • Maximum honesty with clients

    Before purchase, we will openly tell you about the pitfalls of running a bookmaking business, as well as all the nuances and expenses that await you.

  • All bookmaking software in one place

    You can order the integration of a sports line API, the creation of a turnkey bookmaker website, or assistance in opening an offline betting shop.

  • We know the gaming industry from the inside out

    We have worked with companies creating bookmaking software, so we know all the problems from the inside and can solve or avoid them promptly.

  • Experienced developers

    Our developers have experience working at the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, KDV-group, and other major companies.

  • Strict compliance with deadlines

    We never miss deadlines, but if we delay your project, we will compensate you at a rate of 1% for each (!) day of delay.

We will help you

  • Open an online bookmaking business from scratch with maintenance and consultations at all stages

    For this, we will develop for you a turnkey website: set it up and prepare it for operation, connect providers, payment systems, etc.

    Order website development
  • Connect our sports line (API)

    Our line is distinguished by stable and uninterrupted operation 24/7, as well as a wide range of functionality and responsive client support.

    Connect the line
  • Open your own offline bookmaker's office in any country

    The possibility of opening a bookmaker's office in your region depends on the legal specifics of legislation. All conditions are individual!

    Discuss opening

We create turnkey bookmaker websites

starting from just $10,000

  • Conversion to registration up to 25%
  • Speed and stability of operation
  • Security of client accounts
  • Modern design style

You will receive a copy of a proven engine with all the functionality - from user registration to fund withdrawal.

The cost of developing a website

The cost of developing a similar website with our competitors is on average 3-5 times higher. Why pay more? Choose the advantageous solution from Betapi Platform!

What will you get when ordering the development of a bookmaker website from us?

  • Customization of your website

    We will add your logo and banners, replace texts, contacts, and make other adjustments.

  • Fast error resolution

    We detect errors using services like Sentry and fix them quickly.

  • Free website maintenance

    We provide ongoing support for the functionality of your website indefinitely.

  • Guaranteed adherence to deadlines

    If we delay the project, we will compensate you 1% of the amount for each day of delay.

  • Possibility to choose providers

    Betapi sportbook, games from Pragmatic Play, Mascot Gaming, TV Bet and others

  • Website improvement and enhancements

    We regularly refactor the code, add new features, and technologies.

You can also connect our sports line,
which will impress you with its functionality

  • Match results for the last 10 years;
  • Automatic and manual bet calculation;
  • Event result notifications;
  • Client bet history with retention;
  • Display of forecast outcome statuses;
  • All sports events with updates.
Connect the sportbook API

Hurry to connect our sports line starting from $500

Its cost increases on average by 20-30% annually due to inflation and the addition of new features.

Advantages of our bookmaker line

  • Stability and uninterrupted operation

    even during technical maintenance!

  • 24/7 technical support

    response time from 1 minute

  • Multilingualism - interface

    available in over 50 languages

  • Live and line data accuracy

    updated online every second

  • Wide selection of bet types

    as well as over 1000 live events per day

  • Line cost 10-15 times lower

    than competitors' solutions

  • Ability to adjust odds

    up or down

  • Fast line integration onto your website

    within 1 day with developer assistance.

Bookmaker Product LLC in collaboration with Betapi

In our team, we have experienced programmers who have worked at the Central Bank of Russia, "KDV Group," and other major companies. This explains the high level of competence and corresponding quality of our solutions for the bookmaking business. We look forward to cooperation!

About Us in Figures

  • Since 2015

    Our company has been operating

  • Since 2023

    We are registered in Georgia

  • > 10


  • More than 500,000 customers

    on our websites

  • > 50

    Employees in the staff

  • 5 Websites

    Launched and Operational

  • > 100

    Payment methods

  • From $500

    Line cost

We work with licensed providers

Games from the provider

Pragmatic Play

Games from the provider

Mascot Gaming

Live Casino

from the provider TVBET

Live Casino

from the provider

Games from the provider

AGT Software

Games from the provider

Twain Sport

Games from the provider

El Casino

Games from the provider


Questions and Answers

  • How much money does an average client bring?

    Typically, even "modest" users lose an average of $100 - $300 per month, but individual players can leave $5000 - $10,000 on the website within a month.

  • Why do you care if my website works and generates profit for me?

    The thing is, we sell bookmaker website development services practically at cost. Our main earnings come from further website development, should you require any individual improvements or the integration of new features and providers. We also earn a percentage of the providers' profits, which they return to us as compensation. If your website launches but fails to attract clients, it would mean we worked almost "to zero." Therefore, we want your website to work, and we can earn together with you!

  • Why is it more advantageous for me to connect to your bookmaking line?

    The cost of our solution starts from $500 depending on the functionality, while competitors offer similar sports lines starting from €6,000 and higher. Therefore, your main benefit lies in the affordable price with comparable development and functionality.

  • Are there any restrictions on the "geography" of the bookmaker website's operation?

    There are no restrictions. You can launch your business in any country you want, and we'll simply translate the texts into the required languages.

  • Is the design of the sports line standard or developed individually?

    We provide clients only with data such as texts (team names, championships, countries, etc.), as well as numbers in the form of odds and statistics. As for the design, you choose how your sports line will look.

  • Will there be a charge for maintaining the bookmaker website?

    All service enhancements and new features that we add to our clients' websites are absolutely free, excluding the connection of new providers and individual customizations.

  • How can I integrate the line into my website if I can do it myself?

    To connect the line, seek assistance from a developer as programming knowledge will be needed. Generally, for a developer of average skill level, integrating the line into a website will not be difficult and will take about 1 day.

  • Does the website need to be on a specific platform to connect to the line?

    There are no such requirements. Your website can be built on any platform or builder.

  • Can I order a website only for sports betting or only for a casino?

    Yes, of course. If you only need a casino, we can remove the bookmaker line and reduce the price for our work. Alternatively, we can leave the betting line, remove the casino, and reduce the cost accordingly.

  • If new functionality emerges during development, will there be an additional charge?

    No, all changes to the service and functionality added during the development of your website will be provided to you absolutely free of charge. The presence of specific providers is agreed upon in advance.

  • What should I do if I don't have enough funds to launch a bookmaker website?

    You can launch a bookmaker website not only with your own funds but also with borrowed funds from investors, just like our clients do!

  • How much does it cost to develop a turnkey bookmaker website?

    Currently, the cost of the website ranges from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on your specific requirements and preferences.

  • Can I see a ready-made working website that you have created in advance?

    Yes, of course. To do this, write to us by email or messenger, and we will demonstrate one of our websites, based on which your website will be developed. Or find the “watch demo” button on this page.